Online class - Beginners wet felting

Online class - Beginners wet felting

Special Introductory Offer ! To celebrate a return to classes. This online class will cover the basics of wet felting. Suitable for beginners and improvers, adults and children.  We will create an ornate piece of felted using wool and other fibres and threads.


You can use any wool fibre for wet felting but long fibres are recommended for the first and second layers and textural bits are great for the top layer.  Class Duration 2 hours, date 8th September 2020, Time 10.30am. Online link will be sent before the class. Details of what materials you need are in the additional section below and a link to a wet felting fibre pack you can purchase if you don't have any suitable fibre of your own. 

  • Wet felting materials

    • A4 x 2 sheets of Bubblewrap - small bubbles
    • Old towel
    • plain soap
    • cheese grater
    • Hot water 
    • Wool fibres 
    • Link to wool fibres -

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